Dog grooming and toys


The grooming equipment you choose for your pup will depend on its breed and whether it is short or long-haired.
Short-coated dogs need to be groomed regularly with a bristle or rubber toothed brush, especially when they are moulting.
Long-haired dogs and those with medium coats need daily de-tangling, especially in areas where knots tend to form such as the backs of the legs and behind their ears.
Introduce your puppy to the brush slowly and gently, keeping those initial grooming sessions short until he is accustomed to the feel of it. If your puppy tries to bite the brush, you can get some deterrent drops or spray to use.
You will also need to trim your pup’s nails if necessary and keep an eye on his dew claws. For this you will need to purchase the appropriate clippers.
You may wish to use a professional groomer to do this as well as to trim your dog’s coat and/or beard.
If your puppy has a white or particularly thin coat you will need to use an appropriate sunscreen when required.

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Like any human child, puppies need playthings.
In your pup’s case, these can help them use or develop skills such as fetching and thinking through certain tasks.
Other toys will help them to satisfy their need to gnaw or chew while at the same time caring for, or even flossing, their teeth.
Then there are soft, plush toys that will provide comfort to your pet and which they will love to carry around or snuggle up to when they feel the need.
Always purchase strong, well-made toys and, if any do get broken or split, remove and replace them immediately.
Make sure you have provided some toys for when you first bring your puppy home as it will help you bond and help your pup settle into its new environment.

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